Vintage BMX Photography by Tim Lillethorup.

Check out this gallery of historic vintage BMX photos from Standard BMX trails in 1978. For this purpose, the BMX photos are available for purchase as prints, canvas prints, mounted prints or digital downloads for personal or commercial use. Undoubtedly you will enjoy our galleries of historic BMX photography from the early days of BMX racing.

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You may also be interested in Nebraska BMX Hall of Fame where you can learn about the early days of BMX racing in the Midwest. We created our own brand of BMX in Nebraska. It began at our local trails, on our neighborhood streets and in our driveways, on wooden ramps flying over old tires and trash cans. A bit later on, as we built our own race tracks it was downhill racing, it was fast, it was dangerous and it gave us the kind of sheer guts and tenacity to compete at the highest levels of BMX racing as the sport grew in the 1970’s.

While many states would produce talented BMX racers, what we had in Nebraska was unique. We had a core group of riders that could all compete at the national level. We were like a BMX army from Nebraska. When we rolled into your town we were feared and respected. When we left town, we were like pirates running off with the loot – cars and vans full of trophies.

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Gnarlsbad BMX – 1979

Gnarlsbad BMX – 1981

Standard Trails – 1981