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Tim Lillethorup

BMX Photography by Tim Lillethorup

To discover more about Tim Lillethorup BMX photography you can search through the many BMX galleries here on my website. Additionally, here’s a bit more information about my background, over and above that. To begin with, I’ve had a lifelong fascination with, and love of photography. My grandparents were amateur photographers as teenagers beginning in the 1920’s. Also, my father took the family interest to the next level in the 1950’s as one of Omaha’s first broadcast photo journalists. So as you see, I gained a tremendous amount of knowledge associated with the good fortune of having parents and grandparents to pay attention to and learn from.

So as it seems, I was destined to be a photographer. You could say, it’s in my DNA. Accordingly, from an early age onward I had a basement darkroom where my interest in photography grew rapidly. Then, after taking photography classes at the old Omaha Tech High School, I started my first full-time job as a BMX race photographer in 1981. Then, what happened next was discovering I now had the dream job of a lifetime. There is no doubt, I was very fortunate to experience this priceless on the job training at a young age.

In 1990 I branched out with my own company to offer photography and video production. Remarkably this has led to over 32 years in the corporate photography and video production business!

My bicycle motocross (BMX) photography now spans six decades. For instance, these images have been used by book publishers, magazines, newspapers and websites.

What’s happening now

While I spend much of my time reflecting on the past, for instance by cataloging these vintage BMX photos. I feel it’s also crucial to live in the present, and to look toward the future with fresh eyes and a forward thinking perspective. With this in mind, during the past 40 plus years working as a commercial photographer and videographer, my travels have taken me to many fascinating places. I often make time to capture photographic images of the interesting destinations and incredible views I see, for instance. Also, in recent years my wife and I have embraced our love of traveling the country by bicycle, riding highways, rails to trails pathways and mountain bike trails. We like to slow down, enjoy the scenery and capture images of small town America and our surroundings.

With this in mind I created a website to showcase and sell my fine art photography. This website is called Small Town Fine Art Photography. Here you can shop the growing collection including landscapes, locations, and wildlife.

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